Let’s face it: employees aren’t happy. 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from work related stress, anxiety, or depression. Globally, 68% of the workforce is disen-gaged. All this often goes unseen, but the impact on wellbeing, productivity and profitability is staggering. It’s time to do something about it.

Coaching is the most powerful path to learning and improvement, but traditionally it’s been too expensive to give to everyone. Emoquo helps you build a scalable coaching culture, across your entire organisation.

When your organisation is undergoing big changes, our digital coachingapp helps your people find their way, and thrive. We find out how they feel and why, and give them exactly what they need at the moment they need it.

Emoquo inspires every employee to take control

Top-down approaches to employee engagement don’t work – they don’t get to the root of issues, or create lasting, systemic change. Our digital coaching app has been designed to do just that.

Emoquo solves the problem by putting your employees right at the centre, enabling them to take charge of their own development and learning. It gives them direct access to the best expert advice and the latest, most effective approaches, tailored to the specific challenge they’re facing.

Your employees get personalised advice they can act on act on right away, helping them tackle challenges with confidence and grow valuable people skills. Every coaching session (no matter how quick) makes a difference. Building emotional resilience benefits your people, and your organisation.

While your employees track and manage their own progress, you have access to your organisation’s Emoquo Emotional Resilience dashboard. This real-time heat
map reveals the hidden issues that are preventing your organisation from reaching its full potential – vital data that hasn’t been seen before.

Because Emoquo is 100% private, employees can share their full range of worries and challenges with absolute peace of mind. Traditional surveys simply can’t capture this level of real, unfiltered information.

All data is aggregated and anonymised, and is drawn from teams of 20 and above to protect anonymity. Organisations only see what counts – actionable patterns and trends that enable you to spot issues early, and prevent them from taking hold before it’s too late.

Emoquo is like anti-virus software for your organisation. It’s there all the time, in your people’s pockets, whenever they need support. When they do, we help them solve the challenge they’re facing, and improve their skills. So we’re sharing valuable insights, and fixing problems too – in real-time.

Get results thats matter

Emoquo helps your organisation reduce:

●    Absenteeism
●    Presenteeism
●    Employee turnover
●    Stress in the workspace

Emoquo helps your organisation boost:

●    Employee engagement
●    Emotional resilience
●    Wellbeing and culture
●    Valuable soft skills
●    Management skills
●    Innovation
●    Productivity
●    Profitability

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